Delta Protogen V1.0

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Here is the new Delta Protogen - a much smoother boi than the last! Included here is everything you need to make one with either MAX7219 square matrices (single color version), P3 HUB75 panels, or even manufacture your own LED board with the included design files for a better fit full color panel! Included are all of the STL files pre-oriented, split, and ready for printing. But what about the visor? Well, two versions of the vacuum forming buck are included as well so you have the ability to make and dye your own PETG visors. Don't forget that the 3D STEP CAD files are included, so if the design is not exactly what you want then you have the ability to modify and tweak it!

For more information and pictures, check out my Twitter page!

LED Panels:

With the full version using the HUB75 or custom LED panels, you can easily utilize my ProtoTracer software to use raytracing to render live graphics that can react to your voice, motion, or transition smoothly between different face shapes just like VRChat avatars - it even uses FBX files! Don't worry the software is free and can be found here with pre-made controllers:

Video example of HUB75 LED board:

Video example of Custom LED board:

3D Printing:

The largest STL file in this design for 3D printing is 206x99x85mm so this will fit on the Ender 3/Prusa MK3s without issue! This design can be printed on smaller printers but may need to be modified or split requiring glue or the addition of screw mounts.

For size/fitment on the wearer, I have a 58CM hat size and have around 20mm on all sides for adding foam padding.

Required Hardware:

This model does not require glue for the custom LED board/MAX7219 inner visor, it can be built with metric hardware requiring the following:

  • M2 threaded inserts/screws (Custom LED board only)
  • M3 threaded inserts/screws (All designs)
  • M5 threaded inserts/screws (All designs)

The inner visor for the P3 HUB75 panels requires hot glue and for you to remove the back injection molded plastic support.

Information for full electronics setup/links is included in the readme file in the download folder. Generally requires a microcontroller with HUB75 breakout/capable of running FastLED/SPI output. Also requires a 5V battery supply.


  • The single color/full version does NOT include manufacturing rights, this is for you to build one only. A separate version can be purchased allowing the manufacturing of this design on a small scale.
  • Do not distribute any of the design files. They are only for you. If you sell this as a commission with the Extended version, the files are not to be sent and distributed to clients. They will need to purchase the base version to download 3D printing files.
  • The minimum order amount for custom LED boards will be at around ~$75 per with a minimum order of 4 boards. If your design only uses 2 boards and you would like to sell the other 2, this is not a problem! If you would like to sell more than the two please purchase the extended version.
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Delta Protogen V1.0

12 ratings
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