Coela Wickerbeast Swimsuit

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Coela Wickerbeast Swimsuit

Coela Can't!
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Time to head out to the virtual beach in style!

For more information and pictures, check out my Twitter page! twitter.com/Coelacant1


  • Easy editing with Photoshop and Substance Painter assets
  • Blender file for editing project
  • Step-by-step PDF instructions on:
    • Importing FBX to Unity
    • Adding Textures in Unity
    • Linking Armature
    • Setting Body Blendshapes
  • Compatible with both Male and Female forms using Blendshapes
  • Blendshapes available: Female All, Female Waist, Female Breast, Female Legs, and Female Waist
  • 3487 polygons on the base model
  • UV configured for easy 2D editing

Video Preview: https://twitter.com/Coelacant1/status/1495592992094175238

Included files:

  • Bender (.blend)
  • Photoshop (.PSD)
  • Substance Painter (.SPP)
  • Shorts/Shirt FBX (.FBX)
  • Shorts/Shirt for 3D Painting FBX (.FBX)
  • Sample Textures:
    • Base Color (.PNG)


I want this!
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